Responsible Gaming

At Sportsbet India, we do our best to provide our customers with quality sports betting and casino services. We provide you with all the options so that you can enjoy your gambling needs and have a good time. We encourage all Sportsbet io customers to use our services wisely and responsibly so that there are no negative consequences.

Sportsbet IO encourages all of its Indian customers to wager responsibly

Basic Principles

For centuries, gambling has been a form of diversion. Here at Sportsbet io, we also advocate that gambling and casinos are primarily for entertainment and a way to relax. We encourage customers to engage in gambling without it affecting other areas of life, routines, family and friends. We encourage you not to treat gambling as a way of making a profit to pay for the necessities of life, because there are no guarantees and there is always the risk factor.

The vast majority of our customers take a sensible attitude towards gambling and have no problems, however, a small proportion of users do experience negative consequences and addictions that have a bad effect on their lives.

The well-being and comfort of our customers is one of the main priorities of Sportsbet io. In order to prevent possible problems we recommend:

If you have stopped enjoying gambling and are beginning to realize that it is having a negative effect on your life, we strongly recommend that you contact accredited organizations that help combat gambling addiction:

Also, remember that you can contact our friendly support team at any time via [email protected]. If you would like to make a self-exception, we can help you with that. A short break can be very helpful and will help you gather your thoughts and avoid making bad decisions.

On request on the website or in the Sportsbet io app, we will put your account on hold for at least 1 day – a reflection period. You will then be contacted by a support specialist who will inform you of the available self-exclusion timescale.

You should be aware that accounts closed under our self-exclusion policy cannot be canceled or reopened for any reason before the expiry date. However, once the self-exclusion period has expired, we will notify you that your account is active again.


If you wish to play with us on you will need to be at least 18 years old or the minimum legal age for gambling in the jurisdiction you are in.

We recommend that if you have minors living in your household, you check the following links for parental control software, which may prove to be a useful option in monitoring and limiting the content available on your devices.