Sportsbet io Esports Betting – Participate in Tournaments and Win Real Money 

Unleash your passion for PC video games and esports. Esports disciplines are exciting competitions in popular games that have won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.Sportsbet io esports provides everything Indian players need to enjoy with comfort and maximum variety. Hundreds of markets and a wide range of options are all waiting for you to create an enjoyable and exciting eSports betting experience with Sportsbet.

Short Information about Sportsbet io Esports Betting – Participate in Tournaments and Win Real Money

How to Place Bets on eSports at Sportsbet? 

In order to easily make profitable Sportsbet esports bets, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Register on the official website. By clicking the Register button and entering the current personal data, confirm the desire to create an account;
  2. Top up your account by choosing one of the most popular payment systems in India without paying a commission;
  3. Go to the main page and select the Sportsbet esport section you are interested in;
  4. Check out the many esports odds available. Choose the odd you like and click on it. After that, enter the amount of your bet and confirm it;
  5. Get a win.

Process How to Place Bets on eSports at Sportsbet

Wide Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games

Sportsbet always follows the current global trends and constantly expands the list of esports gambling disciplines available. On the official website, you can find a rich selection of online games and matches, including both major and lesser-known official tournaments.

Each player also has the opportunity to place bets before the start of the game or in the process, which definitely increases the success of the bet.

Among the most popular cyber games available to you:

  • Counter-Strike;
  • Dota 2;
  • LOL;
  • Overwatch;
  • Kings of Glory;
  • Starcraft;
  • Rainbow Six: Siege;
  • Wild Rift.

List with Wide Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games


Sportsbet csgo presents exciting bets on this most popular shooter game. Dozens of tournaments take place throughout the year, which do not let you get bored. Users can choose from a variety of events, including international competitions and leagues, as follows:

  • Gamers 8 Festival;
  • ESL Pro League;
  • I.E.M. Fall;
  • ESL Atlanta;
  • BLAST World;
  • EME;
  • Roobet Cup;
  • BLAST Fall Showdown;
  • Hussar Cup.

Bets are available both before the start of matches and in real-time.

Overview about Counter-Strike - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games

Dota 2

Sportsbet Dota 2 offers a wide range of bets and tournaments for fans of this popular online multiplayer game. Features include tournaments:

  • The International;
  • Dota Pro Circuit (DPC);
  • ESL One;
  • MDL.

With Dota 2 Sportsbet you will be able to place bets both before the start of matches and during them in real time. The bets are provided with high odds, which makes the Sportsbet Dota betting experience fun and exciting.

Overview about Dota 2 - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games


For active eSports fans, it is worth noting the opportunity to bet on Sportsbet League of Legends. Users have the opportunity to participate in more than 100 LoL matches that take place in various tournaments around the world.

A variety of competitions are provided for players from all over the world. Some of the notable events available on the site include:

  • LEC;
  • LDL;
  • LCK;
  • CBLoL Academy;
  • LCS;
  • Ultraliga;
  • Prime League;
  • NACL;
  • LVP SuperLiga.

Overview about LOL - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games


This is a new MOBA shooter that has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time, and there are many amateur matches currently being played. The game has various heroes with unique abilities. Despite the fact that the game is still quite new, it is already conquering the tournament grounds, and world-class championships will be held in the future. Today you can bet on:

  • OWCFS;
  • OWC;
  • OWCC;
  • OWL;
  • ESET RS;
  • OLB;
  • CAHCC.

Overview about Overwatch - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games

Kings of Glory

This game is an adaptation of League of Legends for portable gadgets. Understanding the rules will be extremely easy, especially for those who have experience playing LOL or Dota.

According to KoG, the following competitions are held:

  • King Pro League (KPL) with prize money of 1 million USD;
  • Champion Cup, between the participants of which 0.2 million USD is distributed;
  • Asian regional level tournaments.

Overview about Kings of Glory - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games


This is a strategy from the world-famous company Blizzard. All actions take place in the distant future. Monster invaders want to take over the entire galaxy. But they want to resist an advanced race of people as well as witty aliens.

The game has conquered many and all in anticipation of new versions of the game.

In the meantime, the following tournaments are available to fans on Sportsbet:

  • World Team League;
  • Global Starcraft;
  • ESL Open Cup;
  • Korean Starcraft League.

Overview about StarCraft - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games


This is a relatively fresh competitive shooter in a cartoon universe where the conflicts of large corporations are resolved by terrorist methods, and conditional terrorists are highly paid agents of private intelligence agencies.

The game is positioned as a competitor to CS:GO, but still lags behind in terms of the amount of content. Among the tournaments available for betting:

  • VCT;
  • Valorant National League.

Overview about VALORANT - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games

Rainbow Six: Siege 

A tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft. The game is a multiplayer tactical shooter. The emphasis is on realism, destructibility, and vertical gameplay. You can bet on:

  • Titan Series;
  • Blast R6;
  • LATAM League.

Overview about Rainbow Six: Siege - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games

Wild Rift

This is a version of the strategy MOBA game League of Legends, built from the ground up for mobile devices and consoles. Management in it has been completely redesigned, and the matches have become even more dynamic.

  • Wild Rift Icons;
  • Wild Rift All Stars LFL.

Overview about Wild Rift - Selection of Sportsbet Esports Games

Sportsbet Esport Betting Markets

Esports has become incredibly popular all over the world, and the prize pools of some cyber tournaments (primarily The International in Dota 2) exceed many sports tournaments.

Before betting, it is advisable to study the Sportsbet market in advance in the table below.

Betting TypeDetails
Players are invited to guess whether one of the teams will win or there will be a draw.
HandicapThis is a bet on the main outcome with the addition of the correct score. The European handicap is indicated as the outcome and the score from which the match conditionally begins.
The bettor is offered to guess how many maps will be played in the match, how many rounds there will be on a particular map, how many kills this or that player will make (in CS:GO), and so on.

Main Info about Sportsbet Esport Betting Markets

Today Sportsbet online is a fully licensed and regulated bookmaker with license number 1668/JAZ from the Curacao Electronic Gaming Authority.

Answer to the question: Is Sportsbet io Esports Betting Legal

Esports Betting Tips 

In order for eSports betting to bring the desired result, you need to follow simple tips:

  • Come up with and build betting tactics;
  • Take into account live bets;
  • Check for bonus offers;
  • Be patient and do not rush to confirm the bet;
  • Check out the details of the selected tournament and game.

Sportsbetio Esports Betting Tips